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AVAILABLE NOW: You Know You’re A Gamer When . . .






You Know You’re A Gamer When . . . 

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that we all have in common is our love of gaming. Recognize yourself in the pages of You Know You’re A Gamer When . . ., a tome of over 200 direct, relatable, odd ball, and often comedic statements about being a gamer.

You know you’re a gamer when

. . . During a boring conversation, you hope a “skip cut scene” button will appear next to you. 
. . . You own more games than you can possibly play in a lifetime, let alone beat. 
. . . You have fallen asleep with a controller in your hand. 

Enjoy hundreds of fun, often relatable, gamer qualities in the pages of You Know You’re a Gamer When . . ., today!

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AVAILABLE NOW: Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue #5!

Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 5



In Issue #5 of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming, learn about . . .

  • 3 must-play games you should add to your Backlog and Bucket Lists!
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon | Gauntlet: Slayer Edition | WarioWare
  • The Topic–What are your Super Nintendo Entertainment System memories?

Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is your go-to source for the best recommendations of games you must play before you die!

The centerpiece of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is our gaming recommendations section. Enjoy a handful of gaming title recommendations, from great classics to stand-out modern titles, every issue.

Each game title is detailed with pertinent information such as where you can purchase it and its release year while the persuasive write-ups are written by an avid gamer of over twenty years! We truly have passion and fond memories for the games we recommend.

Need to Know What Games You Should Add to Your Gaming Bucket List?

Want to Know what fun, but not essential, games to add to your backlog?

Wonder no longer. Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is here!