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Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #3 | GAME JOURNAL


PLAY TIME: 8h 57m


Welcome to another entry in my Disgaea 5 Complete gamethrough blog!

It is where I, Walapie Gamer, take you through my chronicles of playing Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch.

I have successfully completed Episode 2 of the over-the-top tactical role playing game, and I am just loving it more and more.

I honestly laughed out loud when a mysterious new character showed up, and he actually said a “mysterious man suddenly” appeared. I know there are those out there who are not fond of this game’s story telling, but I have enjoyed both the writing and the character interactions so far.

Speaking of character interactions, a new female necromancer of sorts summoned an undead zombie to fight me. She, of course, did not even waste her time fighting my team and trotted away while I had my very first boss fight.

Status conditions were introduced in this battle and my characters were constantly being bogged down by health reducing poison. But thankfully, I set my team up with a Maid class character—who can use two items in one turn—and a healer class. I used the Maid’s unique ability to use two items in a turn to my advantage, curing multiple team members of their poison before healing my team’s health with my Cleric.

It felt really good being up against my first real challenge. Don’t get me wrong. Everything I have played so far has been fun, and squashing low level baddies to a pulp created its own form of satisfaction for me. But taking on a challenge and being forced to make chess-like decisions and succeeding felt invigorating. Tactics in a nut shell.

Any who, back to the boss fight.

I decided to stack my team members to form a Tower unit in order to take out a lot of the boss’ flunkies as I found it did the most damage. I started the battle trying to use individual characters in order to level each of their skills, but I quickly abandoned that tactic when it became apparent the flunkies were stronger than I had anticipated. With a couple of Tower attacks here and there, along with my healer and Maid classes acting as support, I managed to finish off the zombie hoard with every team member left living.

But the zombie menace had scarred my team. Members were left poisoned and near death with low amounts of health. The zombie boss waited at the top of a slope at far end of the stage, its presence an intimidating reminder of what I faced next. Additionally, the space he rested on boosted his level by ten!

So, I healed, created a strategy, and sent my most powerful team members to do battle. The zombie boss got a few good hits in, whittling Red (my Martial Artist class character who looks like Ken from the Street Fighter series) down to a few health points. I quickly healed, cornered the giant zombie thingy, and beat it with multiple gun shots, arrows, and back attacks.

The battle was won, and now I had my first boss battle under my belt. It felt good.

I spent a little time gaining experience points and leveling up at Stage 2-1. It has a unique set-up that allows for relatively quick leveling which allowed me to get my six team members to Level 10. It also helped me become more familiarized with Geo Effects—destructible items (known as geo Symbols) placed on the battle field that effect one or more grids. The zombie boss I fought? Yeah. He was standing on a Geo Effected square that increased his level, making him harder to beat. Stage 2-1 has three Geo Symbols that can be thrown, destroyed, and played with.

After about nine hours into my first playthrough, I can safely safe I am feeling very comfortable where I am. I have created a nice flow of completing quests for money and items, leveling up my characters and their skills, then moving the story forward ever so slightly. It is a rewarding cycle that has allowed me to grow stronger and advance without feeling as though any one thing is absolutely necessary. I stay on one self-made goal just long enough before jumping to something else. There is just so much to do in this game that it is never a chore, or a bore,  to play.

Episode 2 was quite entertaining, indeed.

The more I play, the more I learn, the more I go on YouTube to watch videos for tips and tricks, the more I love this game. The story is just starting to come together as the first cut scene of Overlord Void Dark (the main person every character wants to kill; I presume he is the ultimate boss of the game) played. I can’t wait to see where the narrative goes and what other play mechanics are introduced in the following episodes.

Whatever happens, I will be sure to update you here of my ongoing adventures.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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