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GAME JOURNAL | Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #1


PLAY TIME: 1h 48m


I’ve been waiting for a Disgaea game on a Nintendo console forever. Yes. I dabbled with the DS version, but a full-fledged, modern Disgaea for a Nintendo home console escaped us Nintendo fans up until now. And the wait was worth it.

Since I primarily game on Nintendo hardware, as you might have guessed already, I did not play Disgaea 5 when it originally released, so I started this game pretty much blind. Well, besides watching a few videos to prep myself for what was about to come my way.

And of course, a tips and tricks video I would recommend.

The game’s intro did not disappoint. I quickly fell in love with Seraphina, the game’s Gorgeous Goddess who believes all men should fall to her whim. Oh. And she has never held anything heavier than a slice of cake. Then there is Killia, our main protagonist. He is a silent, brooding type of hero who loves to eat before each battle. Can’t fight on an empty stomach.

Through happenstance, the two end up together and our game begins.

I have only played two story missions in my nearly 2 hours of play time, but I have done so much. I’ve talked to every Non Player Character (N.P.C), read explanations on all of the game mechanics up to the point that I am at, and have grasped a bit of understanding about the battle mechanics and the weapons. The game is fun.

[SIDE BAR: For those new to tactic role playing games, the game’s battles take place on a grid. Think of a chess or checker board. And each turn, you move your characters across the grid towards enemy characters, do battle, and execute commands such as healing or using an item.]

I have not dedicated myself to playing a tactics game in ages, but this one has me hooked! I just found out the ability to stack my own characters one on top of each other to build a “tower”. And after the tower of characters is built, I was allowed to whack an enemy with my own characters for a lot of damage. Fun times, indeed.

So far, so good. The game is quick to begin and I can tell it will last hundreds of hours if I want it to. I am going to try some of the neat leveling up tricks I learned in the tips and tricks video above when I get the chance.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to put in a few hours over this weekend between real life obligations and the ongoing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gaming mandatory daily play sessions.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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