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News You May Have Missed: Darksiders 1 Re-Release Coming Fall 2016!

Image Copyright THQ Nordic. Source:

Image Copyright THQ Nordic. Source:

Today’s ‘News You May Have Missed’ Brings Back War. In a good way!

Happy Monday, everyone!

In our Headlines section of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue #1 (available now!), we linked to the news article announcing the Legend of Zelda inspired Darksiders 1 will be remastered and re-released on consoles coming this Fall. I’ve played a third of Darksiders standard edition on Steam, and I greatly enjoyed what I played. Darksiders 2, however, is a must play, Bucket List game, if I do say so. If you haven’t played either, check out the links below and do it today!

The following links are affiliate links; use these links to purchase the amazing Darksiders 2 for your console of choice or pre-order Darksiders 1 remastered, from!



Darksiders Warmastered Edition Pre-Order Amazon Link (all links below are affiliate):


Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition (this is the newest release of DS2):


Darksiders Collection Edition 


Darksiders 2 Standard Edition



Thanks for reading, fellow gamers.

Remember, always use links at your own discretion and make informed purchasing decisions.

I, for one, can’t wait to play Darksiders 1 on my Wii U. I played hours upon hours of Darksiders 2 for Wii U and, I’m trying to find time to play through that lovely gem once more.

Until next time, game on!


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