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NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: Killer Instinct Boss Returns!

Today’s “News You May Have Missed” Showcases Eyedol, the Returning Boss of Killer Instinct!

Happy Newsday, everyone!

Let’s take a look back at yet another cool news story you may have missed.

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NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: Killer Instinct Boss Returns!

The rebooted Killer Instinct fighting game for Xbox One and PC received a massive cast addition with the announcement of Eyedol, the boss of the original Killer Instinct game for Arcade and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


Eyedol was released to download in July of 2016 for ambitious combatants looking to fight foes with the two-headed giant. Eyedol is the final character for Killer Instinct‘s season 3 of downloadable characters. What a way to go out!


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