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NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: New Street Fighter V Character Released!

Today’s “News You May Have Missed” Looks At One Of The New Characters For Street Fighter V!

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Happy Newsday, everyone!

Let’s take a look back at yet another cool news story you may have missed.

The following headlines come from our first issue of Backlog and Bucket List.

Juri Added To Street Fighter V Roster!

Popular character Juri was announced for the PlayStation 4 and PC game, Street Fighter V. The Korean street fighter first made her appearance in Street Fighter IV and made her return to the newest entry on July 26th, 2016.

Additional battle costumes and story content for Juri are also be available for download.

Now, get to fighting, Street Fighters!



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Juri looks like a really fun character, and I always enjoyed watching my brother play as her in Street Fighter 4 all those years ago. I’m glad she’s back in action in Street Fighter V so millions of more players can use her to kick some serious butt.

Until next time, check out the latest BACKLOG AND BUCKET LIST GAMING for more headlines you may have missed, awesome game recommendations, and much more.

Game on!

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