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NOW AVAILABLE: Issue 4 of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming!

Backlog and Bucket List Gaming Issue 4 October 2016 Cover Large



In Issue #4 of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming, learn about . . .

  • 4 must-play games you should add to your Backlog and Bucket Lists!
  • Mortal Kombat 2, ZombiU, Castlevaina: Dawn of Sorrow, Mortal Kombat 1
  • The Top 20 gaming headlines you don’t want to miss: Nintendo Switch!
  • The Topic–What are your PlayStation 1 memories?

And more!


Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is your primer of the biggest gaming news in the past month!

It’s overwhelmingly hard to keep up with all the latest gaming news, even for an avid gamer. So why miss the newest article, rumor, or game releases? Backlog and Bucket List Gaming has you covered! Each issue gives digestible details of some of the biggest gaming news of the past month!


Too Long, Didn’t Read? (TLDR)

No worries! The biggest headlines, and longest articles, are summarized in a smaller package–while still providing exciting details–just for you, the time crunched reader!


Hungry For More?

For those clamoring for more information, article links are included alongside every bit of information provided to provide more information.


Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is your source for must-play games to play in your lifetime!

The center piece–and namesake of Backlog and Bucket List Gaming–is our recommended Bucket List games. Enjoy a handful of gaming title recommendations, from great classics to stand-out modern titles, every issue. Each title is detailed with pertinent information such as where you can purchase it and its release year while the persuasive write-ups are written by an avid gamer of over twenty years! We truly have passion and fond memories for the games we recommend.


Need to Know What Games You Should Add to Your Gaming Bucket List?

Want to Know what fun, but not essential, games to add to your backlog?

Wonder no longer. Backlog and Bucket List Gaming is here!

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