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Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #3 | GAME JOURNAL


PLAY TIME: 8h 57m


Welcome to another entry in my Disgaea 5 Complete gamethrough blog!

It is where I, Walapie Gamer, take you through my chronicles of playing Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch.

I have successfully completed Episode 2 of the over-the-top tactical role playing game, and I am just loving it more and more.

I honestly laughed out loud when a mysterious new character showed up, and he actually said a “mysterious man suddenly” appeared. I know there are those out there who are not fond of this game’s story telling, but I have enjoyed both the writing and the character interactions so far.

Speaking of character interactions, a new female necromancer of sorts summoned an undead zombie to fight me. She, of course, did not even waste her time fighting my team and trotted away while I had my very first boss fight.

Status conditions were introduced in this battle and my characters were constantly being bogged down by health reducing poison. But thankfully, I set my team up with a Maid class character—who can use two items in one turn—and a healer class. I used the Maid’s unique ability to use two items in a turn to my advantage, curing multiple team members of their poison before healing my team’s health with my Cleric.

It felt really good being up against my first real challenge. Don’t get me wrong. Everything I have played so far has been fun, and squashing low level baddies to a pulp created its own form of satisfaction for me. But taking on a challenge and being forced to make chess-like decisions and succeeding felt invigorating. Tactics in a nut shell.

Any who, back to the boss fight.

I decided to stack my team members to form a Tower unit in order to take out a lot of the boss’ flunkies as I found it did the most damage. I started the battle trying to use individual characters in order to level each of their skills, but I quickly abandoned that tactic when it became apparent the flunkies were stronger than I had anticipated. With a couple of Tower attacks here and there, along with my healer and Maid classes acting as support, I managed to finish off the zombie hoard with every team member left living.

But the zombie menace had scarred my team. Members were left poisoned and near death with low amounts of health. The zombie boss waited at the top of a slope at far end of the stage, its presence an intimidating reminder of what I faced next. Additionally, the space he rested on boosted his level by ten!

So, I healed, created a strategy, and sent my most powerful team members to do battle. The zombie boss got a few good hits in, whittling Red (my Martial Artist class character who looks like Ken from the Street Fighter series) down to a few health points. I quickly healed, cornered the giant zombie thingy, and beat it with multiple gun shots, arrows, and back attacks.

The battle was won, and now I had my first boss battle under my belt. It felt good.

I spent a little time gaining experience points and leveling up at Stage 2-1. It has a unique set-up that allows for relatively quick leveling which allowed me to get my six team members to Level 10. It also helped me become more familiarized with Geo Effects—destructible items (known as geo Symbols) placed on the battle field that effect one or more grids. The zombie boss I fought? Yeah. He was standing on a Geo Effected square that increased his level, making him harder to beat. Stage 2-1 has three Geo Symbols that can be thrown, destroyed, and played with.

After about nine hours into my first playthrough, I can safely safe I am feeling very comfortable where I am. I have created a nice flow of completing quests for money and items, leveling up my characters and their skills, then moving the story forward ever so slightly. It is a rewarding cycle that has allowed me to grow stronger and advance without feeling as though any one thing is absolutely necessary. I stay on one self-made goal just long enough before jumping to something else. There is just so much to do in this game that it is never a chore, or a bore,  to play.

Episode 2 was quite entertaining, indeed.

The more I play, the more I learn, the more I go on YouTube to watch videos for tips and tricks, the more I love this game. The story is just starting to come together as the first cut scene of Overlord Void Dark (the main person every character wants to kill; I presume he is the ultimate boss of the game) played. I can’t wait to see where the narrative goes and what other play mechanics are introduced in the following episodes.

Whatever happens, I will be sure to update you here of my ongoing adventures.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Playthrough | Part 10 “Far Away Faron” (Nintendo Switch)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Playthrough | Part 10 “Far Away Faron” (Nintendo Switch)

Please enjoy my continued Playthrough of a stellar Bucket List Game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Thanks for watching!

Why the Nintendo Switch is a Bucket List Console


I have been purchasing Nintendo consoles at launch since 2001.

That has been sixteen years of standing in line and pre-ordering just to get my hands on the newest Nintendo hardware. After careful consideration due to being slightly burned by being an early adopter for the Wii U, I continued my tradition and procured a Nintendo Switch at launch.

Would I be filled with regrets?

More importantly, would there be games to play on my shiny, new $300 device?

Not only did I have not have any regrets, but I was filled with glee having snagged a Nintendo Switch at launch. And I am happy to report that it is a bonafide Bucket List console straight from Nintendo.


Happiness Cubed

Before I gush and delve into the reasons why I appreciate the Switch so much, let me take you back to 2001.

My friend’s brother and I decided to buy Nintendo’s upcoming home console, the GameCube, on day one. It was a glorious purple lunchbox of a device I have consistently called my favorite console of all time. And I am sticking to it (although the Switch is coming close to dethroning it).

We went to our local Kmart (a department store that was super popular before the rise of Walmart) to procure one. We stood in line about an hour before the store opened to snag a launch unit. And if my memory is correct, that would have been about 5 or 6am. Oh, we were dedicated gamers back then indeed.

When the doors parted at opening time, we made a mad dash to the electronics department—my friend’s brother actually bumped into me but I would not be knocked off course. I grabbed the GameCube (and a free blow-up chair with the GameCube logo on it) and headed home.

Fun times ahead and the start of my nearly two decade Nintendo home console launch-athon.

Wii, Wii, Wii, All the Way Home

In 2006, I vowed to get a Wii at launch and thought I would have an easy time doing so. After all, I was a die-hard Nintendo fan. I was one of the few who stood in line for the GameCube, Nintendo’s worst selling console at that time. Alas, the Wii had permeated popular culture before its arrival and everyone wanted one. My dreams and hopes were squashed.

It did not help that I worked the day of its release, too.

I threw my hands up in failure, but luckily, my mother did not. She told me to get ready before work, drove me to the local mall, and made me follow her as we searched electronic store after electronic store until we lucked out and found a female employee standing in front of the outer entrance to Sears. I remember thinking the search would be for naught, but then I noticed two white tickets in the employee’s hand. I asked for one; my mom looked at me and asked if we should grab the last ticket for my older brother. I said sure since my brother was supposed to meet us soon. The girl hesitated and handed the final ticket to my mother.


I was able to procure the Wii at launch after all. Even with a lot stacked against me. I had a blast over the next six years playing Nintendo’s motion controlled revolution machine.

The Wii U Acquisition

By the launch of the Wii U in 2012, I had developed a sixth sense: A console hype radar. I began to understand whether a Nintendo product would be sought after with a gut instinct. And the Wii U did not seem to have the same kind of excitement the Wii did. Or even the GameCube, looking back.

It was the easiest console for me to acquire and required little effort. I was able to walk into GameStop and plop money down for a pre-order oh so causally. Come launch day, I walked into the store and was handed my Wii U.

No fuss. Actually, no one else was in line to get one.

More so, no one seemed to know about the Wii U’s existence. I truly mean that. The employee in the electronic department at Best Buy did not even know what it was.

The Wii U launch was anti climatic (and that is an understatement). But I snagged a launch edition because I was, am, and always will be a Nintendo fan through thick and thin. The Wii U would turn out to be Nintendo’s worst selling console ever, casting doubt on Nintendo’s next hardware, doubt in the mind of Nintendo fans everywhere, as well as doubt in my mind.

Nintendo Switches Focus

As 2017 came around, it was starting to become clear that the Nintendo Switch would be more like the Wii and less like the Wii U in terms of demand. My tummy rumbled; it was my sixth sense telling me Nintendo was going to have a hit on their hands. And I needed to pre-order to secure one.

I stayed up later than usual and bounced from website to website right after the official Nintendo Switch presentation had ended in January. I stumbled upon a live show from one of my favorite podcasts, Radio Free Nintendo. My attention piqued when the host mentioned Nintendo Switch pre-orders had gone up on Walmart’s web site. I quickly pre-ordered a unit with a huge smile on my face, albeit with a little apprehension.

But it turned out being a greater deal than I had anticipated.

I did not have to pay for shipping because I shipped it to store, my tax was waived, and I got a free $20 gift card because it was not delivered on launch day as scheduled but during the following week. The following Monday after work, I sped to Walmart and picked up my shiny new Switch.

My Opinion Switched

The Nintendo Switch was everything the Wii U wanted to be: Sleek, modern, sophisticated with solid weight when held.

It was as if the Wii U GamePad had shrunk, lost weight, and put on a new set of clothes. The Switch’s high quality, higher resolution screen stood out as quality and the two separate Joy-Con controllers felt immediately comfortable in my hands. The unit felt like a solid, modern electronic device, something its predecessor lacked. Turning the Switch on only cemented this feeling of mine.

The Switch’s minimal and clean user interface loaded quickly, a far cry from what I was used to with the Wii U’s interface. With the Nintendo Switch, I checked my profile, altered settings, checked the eShop, and then jumped into a game all within seconds. Furthermore, the Sleep and Wake functions made playing games a snap. The Switch took the chore-like nature out of the game playing equation. I really appreciate the effort by everyone at Nintendo for making this device so quick and intuitive to use.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


What’s More . . .

The central feature of the Switch, the ability to switch the device from a handheld to a console, makes game playing more convenient than ever before. It is really eye opening to no longer have my play sessions dependent upon one form factor, something I felt with many games in the past.

I hated going through the cumbersome steps to get my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate save file from 3DS to Wii U and back. I wish I could play my copy of Pokemon Moon on the television when at home. And it would have been cool to take my Wii U version of Darksiders 2 around with me as I have done with Breath of the Wild.

The Switch changed all of this: There is only one save file; only one game is needed; and both go everywhere the Switch goes. I could finally play how I wanted without having to buy two copies of a game–one handheld and one console version–and worry about how to transfer my save file without corrupting it. I have played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at home, then in a waiting room, and then continued playing the same game and file back at home on the big screen. Simple, painless, and capable.

The Nintendo Switch Versatility

Even more, there was a level of versatility the Switch instantly provided that I have never experienced in my near thirty years of collecting and playing games. I could finally play how I wanted and that included controller methods, too.

The main unit and Joy-Con combined felt similar to holding a modern Wii U GamePad or portable device. I used this comfortable play style whenever I wanted to scan amiibo for Breath of the Wild items.

When I brought my Switch to a friend’s house to play Zelda, I removed the Joy-Con from the unit and attached them to the included grip controller to better replicate a more traditional control method.

But whenever I felt lazy, I kept one Joy-Con in each hand and laid back. Wii Remote and Nunchuck style. All of these methods can be used in Zelda. Additionally, most games thus far support multiple play styles if not all of the ones I mentioned above. I am grateful to be able to play with the control style that fits my mood rather than being limited to a single way.

The Games Are Here

The Switch is an awesome all-in-one device but it would mean nothing without games. Luckily, the games are here.

I love the lineup that the Switch has as it seems to target people who love games for what they ultimately are: Fun, interactive media. That is why I have been having a blast playing Zelda for over 200 hours, Super Bomberman R with friends and family, Fast RMX solo, King of Fighters ’98 for the first time, Puyo Puyo Tetris competitively, Graceful Explosion Man, Snipperclips with my spouse, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe locally and online, and my very first Disgaea game. And that is just a small slice of the Switch’s stellar lineup it has amassed in three months.

I still have to get many quality digital games such as Square Enix’s RPG I am Setsuna, a charming retro inspired collecting game called Snake Pass, a frantic action game called Mr. Shifty, the return of an arcade basketball type game titled NBA Playgrounds, as well as many other SNK retro games, along with heavy hitters that are sure to come in the following weeks (ARMS, Splatoon 2, and Sonic Mania–I am looking at all of you).

I am really overwhelmed, in a good way, at the amount of quality games that have been made available in such a short time frame.


Nintendo Switch. No Regrets.

I have been accruing Nintendo hardware at launch since 2001.

And although I felt a bit burned by getting a Wii U at launch, I am glad I ultimately did not let that get in the way of getting the Switch at launch.

I have had many memories so far with my spouse, her sister, our friends, online with strangers, and by myself in the last three months just playing games for the sake of fun. Zelda has been epic, Mario Kart has been a blast to play online, and delving into the King of Fighters series for the first time has been thrilling.

The Nintendo Switch is a solid hardware selection for anyone looking to reinvigorate their love of gaming, to fit into a busy life schedule, or to become a gamer’s primary console of choice.

It is a Bucket List console for sure, and I highly recommend procuring one when/if you can.

–Walapie Gamer

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Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #2 | GAME JOURNAL


PLAY TIME: 4h 50m


Welcome to the second entry in my Disgaea 5 Complete gamethrough blog!

I have played an additional 3 or so hours since my last entry and have successfully completed Episode 1 of the game.

Episode 1 was comprised of five levels (if I remember correctly), the right amount of story content, and a few more systems introduced that affected gameplay. Along with some zany anime inspired characters.

Out of the five levels, I completed the first stage over 40 times. Yes. Over 40. If don’t like to grind, no worries. It was not necessary at all for me to replay the first stage, but it was the fastest and easiest way to gain levels, experience, and money within the first five hours of the game. If I wanted to, I could just happily continue onward, but I’m the type of gamer that loves to squeeze every bit of potential gain from a game when I play. Uh . . . I guess I want to say–to put it succinctly–I love grinding 🙂

I also used the first stage to complete quests from the Quest Shop. Quests are constantly replenished, thus I fell into an addicting and fun loop of accepting quests, replaying stage 1, and clearing quests until I had to pry myself from the game because life obligations needed to be attended to. Boo hoo. Life *sigh*

But the few hours I got to play, I really enjoyed not only grinding it out but watching the characters interact. Seraphina still thinks she is the center of every man’s universe and Killia began to show a new side of himself. Very literally.

Also, the ridiculously muscled Red Magnus showed up. He’s okay. Seraphina doesn’t really like him and Killia draws a crude picture of him worthy of a first grader. What I like the most is Red Magnus’ ridiculous interactions with our previously mentioned duo.

As far as new role playing game systems that affect game play, I am thoroughly enjoying the Quest Shop as I mentioned above. Quests provided me with plenty of items, loot, and money plus they helped me get better familiarized with the controls. I’ve also unlocked a Skills Shop to further customize my character’s abilities and a nifty place called an Innocent Shop.

Innocents are characters that live inside items and strengthen them when equipped to them. When I completed a quest, I sometimes received an item with an Innocent equipped to it. The shop allowed me to rip the Innocent from the item and place it on any other item. This was pretty neat, being able to strengthen each of my characters just the way I wanted. So, if I wanted to gather all of my Hit Point raising Innocents and put them on a single armor and give it to a specific character, I could do that. The customization in this game is mind blowing in a good way.

I can’t wait to see what else is added now that I am the start of Episode 2. Oh. The evil folk are cooking up a plan . . .

I’ma smash those baddies when I get the chance. Until then, I’ll probably continue grinding to be as strong as I can because that is really fun for me. I’ve been looking up as many tutorial videos that I can to help which only makes me want to play some more. Hmmm . . . I think I hear the game calling to me as I type.

Oh, Serpahina. Will you ever learn?

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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Walapie Gamer Now On Flickr

Hello! It’s me, Walapie Gamer. I would like to invite all of you to join me on my gaming adventures by viewing my official Walapie Gamer Flickr Page.

Check out exciting picture galleries and albums chronicling my adventures from games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Disgaea 5 Complete, the ARMS Global Testpunch, and more.

Check out a couple of sample pictures for your viewing pleasure.

walapie gamer mario kart 8 deluxe

Disgaea 5 Complete Pic 1

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Make sure to bookmark and check out my Flickr page, fine gamers. And see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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GAME JOURNAL | Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #1


PLAY TIME: 1h 48m


I’ve been waiting for a Disgaea game on a Nintendo console forever. Yes. I dabbled with the DS version, but a full-fledged, modern Disgaea for a Nintendo home console escaped us Nintendo fans up until now. And the wait was worth it.

Since I primarily game on Nintendo hardware, as you might have guessed already, I did not play Disgaea 5 when it originally released, so I started this game pretty much blind. Well, besides watching a few videos to prep myself for what was about to come my way.

And of course, a tips and tricks video I would recommend.

The game’s intro did not disappoint. I quickly fell in love with Seraphina, the game’s Gorgeous Goddess who believes all men should fall to her whim. Oh. And she has never held anything heavier than a slice of cake. Then there is Killia, our main protagonist. He is a silent, brooding type of hero who loves to eat before each battle. Can’t fight on an empty stomach.

Through happenstance, the two end up together and our game begins.

I have only played two story missions in my nearly 2 hours of play time, but I have done so much. I’ve talked to every Non Player Character (N.P.C), read explanations on all of the game mechanics up to the point that I am at, and have grasped a bit of understanding about the battle mechanics and the weapons. The game is fun.

[SIDE BAR: For those new to tactic role playing games, the game’s battles take place on a grid. Think of a chess or checker board. And each turn, you move your characters across the grid towards enemy characters, do battle, and execute commands such as healing or using an item.]

I have not dedicated myself to playing a tactics game in ages, but this one has me hooked! I just found out the ability to stack my own characters one on top of each other to build a “tower”. And after the tower of characters is built, I was allowed to whack an enemy with my own characters for a lot of damage. Fun times, indeed.

So far, so good. The game is quick to begin and I can tell it will last hundreds of hours if I want it to. I am going to try some of the neat leveling up tricks I learned in the tips and tricks video above when I get the chance.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to put in a few hours over this weekend between real life obligations and the ongoing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gaming mandatory daily play sessions.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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Received my copy of Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch today. Yay!


My copy of Darksiders: Warmastered for Wii U was delayed. Boo!

Public Service Announcement: Stock Up on Wii Nunchuks!

Hello, everyone! Walapie Gamer, the Nintendo Archiver, here with a Public Service Announcement.


I recommend stocking up on Nintendo Wii product especially the awesome Nunchuk accessory.  Oh. Why, you ask? With the Nintendo Switch out in the marketplace, and some inside of homes across the globe, new copies of older products will surely be hard to come by.


For those who want a brand new Nunchuk–or two or three, as you can see from my personal collection from the image above–I suggest checking the links below.


Best Buy is selling these goodies for $11.99. Wow! What a steal. In fact, this is how I purchased my trio of brand new ‘chuks. They’re on clearance so snag them while the deal lasts.


Amazon has plenty hovering around (above and below) the $15.00 range. The lowest price I saw today was $12.92!!! Wow, again! Just check out the many third party sellers if you do not see one from Amazon directly. Still a good deal for a product with a suggested retail price of $19.99.


But if you do not mind a refurbished Nunchuk, you can purchase one straight from the source from the online Nintendo Store. $10.00 is the asking price in the colors red or white.

Act as fast as you can if you can afford to do so. All dollars are U.S. and all links are for North American purposes. This is the internet so search around to find Wii Nunchuk deals in your part of the planet. One thing is for sure: New Wii games and accessories will surely be harder to come by as the years continue to pass.

Well, that will be it for this Public Service Announcement. I hope you have fun chucking in the coming days, months, and years with your brand new Wii Nunchuks.

This is Walpaie Gamer, the Nintendo Archiver, signing out.


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Nintendo amiibo Hunting for Super Mario Series Wario

The Beauty of Wario

Amiibo are Nintendo’s physical figurines that interact with digital games for Nintendo’s various gaming hardware while also looking good on shelves. I’ve maintained a selective approach to obtaining these figurines. But because Wario is one of my favorite video game characters, it was only fitting I’d hunt for his amiibo.

Wario in All of His Glory

Just look at his mustache, round belly, and awesome grape-mustard color design. Wario doesn’t care if he’s essentially an evil imperfect clone of Mario turned upside down. He’s too busy having fun loving himself.

Wario In Time-Out

And now he sits next to all of my other amiibo, happy as can be. As long as he is not in “time-out” for bad behavior.

Fun fact: My spouse found this amiibo on sale during her trip to Hawaii! I’m proud of her.

But the same can not be said about GameStop’s eye for details. Wario is definitely not Waluigi. Because we all know Wario’s gonna win. 😉

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This is a non-sponsored article. I just wanted to share my Wario love with the all of you. You should love Wario, too.


Hands-On With GameWill’s Steering Wheel for the Nintendo Switch


To accompany my purchase of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, I had to obtain a set of steering wheels for my Joy-Con controllers. And I did just that and found a perfect set on GameWill’s Steering Wheel For Nintendo Switch is a set of two steering wheel shells for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.


This controller shell is for those who want to play Nintendo Switch racing games, or Mario Kart 8: Deluxe specifically, in a fashion that mimics using the Joy-Con controllers as a steering wheel via motion controls.


The controllers are matte black with a glossy finish underneath where the Joy-Con is seated and inside the plus and minus markers.


Both myself and my spouse agree that the steering wheel controller shell is comfortable to hold for small to average/large hands.


There are two large buttons that activate the SL and SR when pressed allowing the use of the SL/SR buttons with ease and comfort.

I feel very comfortable with my purchase of these steering wheel shells. The quality is great, the controllers feel sturdy, the Joy-Cons stay inside even during the most heated race, and the price is just right for a set of two. My spouse really enjoys playing the game with motion controls so these really worked for her.

At the time of my purchase, GameWill’s Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch can be purchased for $12.99 (U.S. dollars).

Want more content from me, Walapie Gamer: The Nintendo Archiver? Check out my Nintendo oriented YouTube channel for playthroughs, gaming music, and more.

I purchased this product for my own benefit; this is a non-sponsored article. This controller shell simply rocks and meets my needs. And I hope you enjoy them, too.