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Public Service Announcement: Stock Up on Wii Nunchuks!

Hello, everyone! Walapie Gamer, the Nintendo Archiver, here with a Public Service Announcement.


I recommend stocking up on Nintendo Wii product especially the awesome Nunchuk accessory.  Oh. Why, you ask? With the Nintendo Switch out in the marketplace, and some inside of homes across the globe, new copies of older products will surely be hard to come by.


For those who want a brand new Nunchuk–or two or three, as you can see from my personal collection from the image above–I suggest checking the links below.


Best Buy is selling these goodies for $11.99. Wow! What a steal. In fact, this is how I purchased my trio of brand new ‘chuks. They’re on clearance so snag them while the deal lasts.


Amazon has plenty hovering around (above and below) the $15.00 range. The lowest price I saw today was $12.92!!! Wow, again! Just check out the many third party sellers if you do not see one from Amazon directly. Still a good deal for a product with a suggested retail price of $19.99.


But if you do not mind a refurbished Nunchuk, you can purchase one straight from the source from the online Nintendo Store. $10.00 is the asking price in the colors red or white.

Act as fast as you can if you can afford to do so. All dollars are U.S. and all links are for North American purposes. This is the internet so search around to find Wii Nunchuk deals in your part of the planet. One thing is for sure: New Wii games and accessories will surely be harder to come by as the years continue to pass.

Well, that will be it for this Public Service Announcement. I hope you have fun chucking in the coming days, months, and years with your brand new Wii Nunchuks.

This is Walpaie Gamer, the Nintendo Archiver, signing out.


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