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Nintendo amiibo Hunting for Super Mario Series Wario

The Beauty of Wario

Amiibo are Nintendo’s physical figurines that interact with digital games for Nintendo’s various gaming hardware while also looking good on shelves. I’ve maintained a selective approach to obtaining these figurines. But because Wario is one of my favorite video game characters, it was only fitting I’d hunt for his amiibo.

Wario in All of His Glory

Just look at his mustache, round belly, and awesome grape-mustard color design. Wario doesn’t care if he’s essentially an evil imperfect clone of Mario turned upside down. He’s too busy having fun loving himself.

Wario In Time-Out

And now he sits next to all of my other amiibo, happy as can be. As long as he is not in “time-out” for bad behavior.

Fun fact: My spouse found this amiibo on sale during her trip to Hawaii! I’m proud of her.

But the same can not be said about GameStop’s eye for details. Wario is definitely not Waluigi. Because we all know Wario’s gonna win. 😉

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This is a non-sponsored article. I just wanted to share my Wario love with the all of you. You should love Wario, too.


Hands-On With GameWill’s Steering Wheel for the Nintendo Switch


To accompany my purchase of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, I had to obtain a set of steering wheels for my Joy-Con controllers. And I did just that and found a perfect set on GameWill’s Steering Wheel For Nintendo Switch is a set of two steering wheel shells for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.


This controller shell is for those who want to play Nintendo Switch racing games, or Mario Kart 8: Deluxe specifically, in a fashion that mimics using the Joy-Con controllers as a steering wheel via motion controls.


The controllers are matte black with a glossy finish underneath where the Joy-Con is seated and inside the plus and minus markers.


Both myself and my spouse agree that the steering wheel controller shell is comfortable to hold for small to average/large hands.


There are two large buttons that activate the SL and SR when pressed allowing the use of the SL/SR buttons with ease and comfort.

I feel very comfortable with my purchase of these steering wheel shells. The quality is great, the controllers feel sturdy, the Joy-Cons stay inside even during the most heated race, and the price is just right for a set of two. My spouse really enjoys playing the game with motion controls so these really worked for her.

At the time of my purchase, GameWill’s Steering Wheel for Nintendo Switch can be purchased for $12.99 (U.S. dollars).

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I purchased this product for my own benefit; this is a non-sponsored article. This controller shell simply rocks and meets my needs. And I hope you enjoy them, too.