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#BlogapieGamer | My Amiibo Shelf

I vowed to show my friend the awesome power of amiibo. There was no better way to do so other than showing her my humble amiibo collection. There are about twenty eight amiibo pictured, and my collection has grown ever since (and growing). Amiibo are prefect collectibles to line my gaming shelves, and they are useful in the games I play. I just can’t wait to add more to the group.

–Walapie Gamer

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1 Hour Nintendo Music | Animal Crossing: New Leaf [K.K. FLAMENCO] (Nintendo 3DS)

1 Hour Nintendo Music | Animal Crossing: New Leaf [K.K. FLAMENCO] (Nintendo 3DS)

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1 Hour Nintendo Music | Super Smash Bros. Wii U [MENU] (Nintendo Wii U)

1 Hour Nintendo Music | Super Smash Bros. Wii U [MENU] (Nintendo Wii U)

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Amiibo Hunter | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

Amiibo Hunter | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

Bokoblin Officially Hunted!

A wild Bokoblin appeared. On Amazon.

Well, I did see one in the wild at my local Target. Exactly one, to be exact. No more no less. It was hanging out with a gang of unsold Animal Crossing amiibo, waiting to be plucked by a true Zelda fan or amiibo collector. Luckily, I am both.

I even picked up the Bokoblin and carried it around with me, but I ultimately put it back in the name of being financial responsible. That is life, but I vowed to buy this little gremlin-goblin as soon as I could.

Flash forward three months later and over 200 hours played in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I wanted to snag this amiibo bad. Taking a trip to Target, Walmart, and Best Buy all ended with me being empty handed. But then, what happened to appear at a decent price on Amazon? This–

Yup. My very own Bokoblin amiibo at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (M.S.R.P.), too.

Just look at it.



Even scarier? The price on Amazon jumped about fifty percent days after I bought mine. Geez. That was a close call.

Check out the rest of the pics from this amiibo pictorial on my Flickr page.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

–Walapie Gamer

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Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #4 | GAME JOURNAL


PLAY TIME: 20h 05m


Welcome to another entry in my Disgaea 5 Complete gamethrough blog!

It is where I, Walapie Gamer, take you through my chronicles of playing Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch.

Disgaea 5 consumed my life this past week.

I was able to clock in over ten hours, and I want to do more. An interesting character appeared. His name? Gale Force Overlord Zeroken, to be precise. He’s a ninja type who constantly tries hard to show how awesome and worthy he is but ultimately fails at doing so. Very entertaining.

I enjoyed watching him interact with Killia who he has seemingly deemed his rival. While Zeroken is being introduced and doing Zeroken things, Red Magnus continued to be his big, clueless self. Don’t ever change, Red.

Moving on from the Prinny-Knife-Gun party and onto my next stop: The Poison world, Poisondise.

These demons are too cute. I could not wait to battle . . . oh, what? Zeroken?! Again? I should have expected this since the episode was named after him. Let’s see what he’s up to.

I laughed out loud at Seraphina’s response. The party was not having any of Zeroken’s overproduced and theatrical antics.

Zeroken quickly told us his motivation. But he decided not to give us the reason behind said motivation. The party agreed to let him fight alongside us as long as he didn’t get in the way. Killia, like always, didn’t even care. As long as he found Lord Void Dark, Killia was fine with Zeroken either way.

I was particularly glad the overzealous ninja was there to fight alongside us. I opened up the Cheat Shop earlier which allowed me to alter enemy strength among other things. I had increased enemy levels and had forgotten to lower them before stepping into battle. Silly me. I decided to try and beat the stage without having to exit the fight just to lower the enemy difficulty. Laziness won out, yet I was also up for the challenge.

With Zeroken at my side, I thought it was possible.

The battles in Poisondise, however, made it even more daunting due to the purple poison that surrounded us from all sides.

With careful, tactical play, I managed to snag a victory in the land of poison. I found out crossing the poison was much easier when I stacked all of my characters on top of each other to form a Tower. Then, I would toss the Tower onto safe land on the other side of the poison where the enemies were. It was easy goings–battling baddies–after that. I even unlocked a few monsters for myself by completing quests. Yup!

I unlocked an Undead as well as a Sludge monster to add to my party. I have yet to add either to my group, but I am glad the option to recruit monsters exists.

Before moving the story forward, I decided to do heavy level grinding on stage 2-1. It is a level with few enemies that and a 50% increase in experience. On top of this boost, the Cheat Shop allowed me to alter values until I had an additional 50% experience boost. I had to momentarily lower the amount of money and skill points I earned to do this but it was worth it.

Why grind levels? All of my characters were beginning to have level gaps before grinding and I always like to close that gap as much as I can. Additionally, their levels were also in the late teens to mid twenties, and I felt like they were not as powerful as I wanted them to be. Especially in Poisondise in which being poisoned meant taking damage every turn. Higher levels meant more health points which meant surviving longer in the poisonous demon world. My goal was to lower the gap in levels between party members and increase survival in Poisondise. And I completed both objectives.

All of my characters are now overpowered for the story portion, and all sit within the level forty to fifty plus range. I don’t feel god-like yet, but I am getting there.

I enjoy being challenged so whenever I want to be tested, I simply raise enemy strength at the Cheat Shop and my level fifty characters feel like level one characters in comparison. And since I can do this without penalty or cost–at any time–I always have the exact gaming experience I want. Thank you, Disgaea.

Eight to ten hours passed due to grinding levels for fun. Then, the Item World was introduced to me. A dream come true. I have a feeling I’ll be writing plenty more about this place in a future journal. It is an infinite world inside of each item in my inventory, full of power-ups and creatures. The deeper I went, the more powerful the item became as it leveled up. Yeah. Even items can gain levels; I can see myself grinding important items in the late game for hours on end.

Somebody take this game away from me . . . too late.

My introduction with the Item World was fairly quick. I was tasked at leveling up a Gate Key to Level 10. Then, I would be bale to open the Dimension Gate in order to get to the next area. This did not take long. Before I knew it, a Prinny was congratulating me on making the Gate Key strong enough to unlock the portal.

Of course, the Gate Key led us to a short fight with monsters and a new Overlord. Hedler, a giant moth Overlord of Poisondise, was easy to enough to defeat. Well, maybe that’s because I was in a hurry to leave the poison world so I lowered the enemy difficulty back to normal. The normal difficulty baddies did not stand a chance to my overpowered group.

And with that, I said goodbye to Poisondise and Episode 3.

Whatever happens, I will be sure to update you here of my ongoing adventures.

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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1 Hour Nintendo Music | Animal Crossing: New Leaf “Go K.K. Rider” (Nintendo 3DS)

1 Hour Nintendo Music | Animal Crossing: New Leaf “Go K.K. Rider” (Nintendo 3DS)

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Disgaea 5 Complete (Nintendo Switch) Entry #2 | GAME JOURNAL


PLAY TIME: 4h 50m


Welcome to the second entry in my Disgaea 5 Complete gamethrough blog!

I have played an additional 3 or so hours since my last entry and have successfully completed Episode 1 of the game.

Episode 1 was comprised of five levels (if I remember correctly), the right amount of story content, and a few more systems introduced that affected gameplay. Along with some zany anime inspired characters.

Out of the five levels, I completed the first stage over 40 times. Yes. Over 40. If don’t like to grind, no worries. It was not necessary at all for me to replay the first stage, but it was the fastest and easiest way to gain levels, experience, and money within the first five hours of the game. If I wanted to, I could just happily continue onward, but I’m the type of gamer that loves to squeeze every bit of potential gain from a game when I play. Uh . . . I guess I want to say–to put it succinctly–I love grinding 🙂

I also used the first stage to complete quests from the Quest Shop. Quests are constantly replenished, thus I fell into an addicting and fun loop of accepting quests, replaying stage 1, and clearing quests until I had to pry myself from the game because life obligations needed to be attended to. Boo hoo. Life *sigh*

But the few hours I got to play, I really enjoyed not only grinding it out but watching the characters interact. Seraphina still thinks she is the center of every man’s universe and Killia began to show a new side of himself. Very literally.

Also, the ridiculously muscled Red Magnus showed up. He’s okay. Seraphina doesn’t really like him and Killia draws a crude picture of him worthy of a first grader. What I like the most is Red Magnus’ ridiculous interactions with our previously mentioned duo.

As far as new role playing game systems that affect game play, I am thoroughly enjoying the Quest Shop as I mentioned above. Quests provided me with plenty of items, loot, and money plus they helped me get better familiarized with the controls. I’ve also unlocked a Skills Shop to further customize my character’s abilities and a nifty place called an Innocent Shop.

Innocents are characters that live inside items and strengthen them when equipped to them. When I completed a quest, I sometimes received an item with an Innocent equipped to it. The shop allowed me to rip the Innocent from the item and place it on any other item. This was pretty neat, being able to strengthen each of my characters just the way I wanted. So, if I wanted to gather all of my Hit Point raising Innocents and put them on a single armor and give it to a specific character, I could do that. The customization in this game is mind blowing in a good way.

I can’t wait to see what else is added now that I am the start of Episode 2. Oh. The evil folk are cooking up a plan . . .

I’ma smash those baddies when I get the chance. Until then, I’ll probably continue grinding to be as strong as I can because that is really fun for me. I’ve been looking up as many tutorial videos that I can to help which only makes me want to play some more. Hmmm . . . I think I hear the game calling to me as I type.

Oh, Serpahina. Will you ever learn?

Thanks for reading, and I will see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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Received my copy of Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch today. Yay!


My copy of Darksiders: Warmastered for Wii U was delayed. Boo!

Nintendo amiibo Hunting for Super Mario Series Wario

The Beauty of Wario

Amiibo are Nintendo’s physical figurines that interact with digital games for Nintendo’s various gaming hardware while also looking good on shelves. I’ve maintained a selective approach to obtaining these figurines. But because Wario is one of my favorite video game characters, it was only fitting I’d hunt for his amiibo.

Wario in All of His Glory

Just look at his mustache, round belly, and awesome grape-mustard color design. Wario doesn’t care if he’s essentially an evil imperfect clone of Mario turned upside down. He’s too busy having fun loving himself.

Wario In Time-Out

And now he sits next to all of my other amiibo, happy as can be. As long as he is not in “time-out” for bad behavior.

Fun fact: My spouse found this amiibo on sale during her trip to Hawaii! I’m proud of her.

But the same can not be said about GameStop’s eye for details. Wario is definitely not Waluigi. Because we all know Wario’s gonna win. 😉

Want more content from me, Walapie Gamer: The Nintendo Archiver? Check out my Nintendo oriented YouTube channel for playthroughs, gaming music, and more.

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This is a non-sponsored article. I just wanted to share my Wario love with the all of you. You should love Wario, too.


Why Animal Crossing: New Leaf Is A Bucket List Game

ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW LEAF is a certified Bucket List game that everyone should play before he or she “kicks the bucket”.

Animal Crossing is one of those series that has enthusiastic players prioritizing the game over real life. So do not be surprised if you miss a real life meeting because you are preoccupied with the in-game meeting you have with a pink pig on Friday afternoon. Welcome to Animal Crossing, yet another worthy Bucket List game!


It is the Nintendo 3DS portable entry in the long running life simulation franchise (titled Animal Crossing) from Nintendo. You control a cartoon-like version of yourself who is the mayor of a town filled with walking, talking animal villagers.

The game revolves around interacting with your animal neighbors, befriending them while also running errands and collecting a ton of collectibles. You can fish, catch bugs, collect fruit, decorate your home, change your wardrobe, build town projects, set town ordinances, go deep sea diving, accumulate wealth, and much more as the game progresses. The free “Welcome amiibo” update released in late 2016 added a substantial amount of content and improvements as well.


A day in the life of Animal Crossing can be fun and addicting. Since the game is real-time (meaning that whatever time and season it is in real life it is also the same in the game), the player is tasked with making the best of the day ahead. Stores do not open until a certain time in the morning so perhaps collecting the daily dinosaur fossils that can be found throughout town beneath ground will fill your time. And do not forget to donate the fossils to the museum if you are looking to complete your town’s museum showcase.

Perhaps you find fun in socializing. Talking to your villagers can be addicting, too. So much so, you might find yourself planning your entire day around meeting an animal in New Leaf (like my spouse has done so many times before). All of the animals in the game have different personalities and can be comedic, or odd, or simply fun to interact with: I have a Wolf that really enjoys coming over to my place a little too much and can often be spotted hanging behind houses; an orange Toad that likes to workout; and a rainbow colored sheep that I think is a French clown—the awesome oddball collection of animals goes on and on.


Your animal neighbors can easily entertain you for hours through conversation and chatter alone; when they start asking you to collect things for them and run errands, that is when I suggest you cancel all other social engagements for your day. This is my spouse’s favorite series so it is not uncommon for her to play the game for up to six hours in a row. Because there is so much to do!

Maybe you like fishing. There is always a fish lurking on the beach or in the rivers that run through the town. How about catching bugs? Try hitting the rocks around town and you might just catch a centipede or pill bug. Is your town looking a little thin? Try planting more trees and flowers in the way that looks best to you. Fruit trees will drop fruit for you to sell and flowers will help improve the overall beauty and satisfaction rating of your town. There is truly something fun and addicting in this game for every type of player.


You can play the game however you like. I play with a daily routine in mind and it takes me about a half hour just to do that. If I want to explore the tropical island to the south for fish and insects that are worth a lot of cash, I need an extra hour or so. The good thing is that you can save at anytime; there is no time limits, no enemies, and no one telling you what to do.

You can play New Leaf anywhere–since it is a portable game–and spend a minute playing while you wait in a line or play for hours when the mood hits you. Each day I play, I figure out what I want to do and I scale my play style to the amount of time I have allotted. For anyone looking for a pick up and play game or a deep dive hearty meal, this game caters to most play styles.


Fans and new players alike will also surely find joy in the features New Leaf and the Welcome amiibo update adds to the core Animal Crossing game. There are more fruit, fish, furniture, and insects to collect than ever before—completionists, this is your Mount Everest so prepare to have the time of your lives collecting the thousands of items in this game.

If you own the Nintendo figurines called amiibo, you can use them to summon villagers to a campsite near your town, buy items that they brought with them, and even ask them to live in your village. New Leaf also makes it much easier for players to keep the villagers they like from leaving town and this iteration also improves on the ability to accrue wealth and items. Chores may be the main focus of the Animal Crossing series but playing the game is far from a chore. The Welcome amiibo update makes sure of that.


So, welcome to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the game that keeps playing even when you are asleep. You will bond with your animal villagers, fall in love with the DJ dog that plays music every Saturday night, love some animal neighbors while despising others, and create a village that you will call home.

New Leaf truly improves on the core Animal Crossing concept in every way. This is the third game in the series I have put hundreds of hours into and it is as fresh and fun as it was nearly fifteen years ago when I played the first localized entry.

For anyone looking for a good time, hop on a train or the bus and travel to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a Bucket List game, today.


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