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#BlogapieGamer | Check Out My Surge Protector

Welcome to another #BlogapieGamer, a gaming blog series that chronicles a behind-the-scenes look at my creative career.

#BlogapieGamer | Check Out My Surge Protector

Today, I want to show you the battery backup surge protector I purchased.

I bought APC’s Battery Backup during Black Friday sales at Best Buy. I decided to buy one of these on a whim when I really thought about how many power outages I’ve had throughout my life. There has been a lot that have interrupted my work and play sessions. So I was excited to see this at Best Buy during Black Friday of 2015/2016. I contemplated on it before snatching the final one.

And I haven’t been let down by my purchase.

The unit is hefty, solid, and sits comfortably beneath my work desk. I have my work computer connected to it at all times along with an extra surge protector for temporary plug-ins. So far, it has helped my computer last through momentary power outages a couple of times. And at the very least, it is a very high quality and durable surge protector.

I would recommend a battery back up/surge protector for anyone looking to prevent their play sessions from failing during the next blackout.

Thanks for reading and taking a look behind the scenes with me. See you next time!

–Walapie Gamer

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Check out a couple of sample pictures for your viewing pleasure.

walapie gamer mario kart 8 deluxe

Disgaea 5 Complete Pic 1

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Make sure to bookmark and check out my Flickr page, fine gamers. And see you next time.

Happy gaming, everyone!

–Walapie Gamer

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