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#BlogapieGamer | Check Out My Video Game Passion Project

Welcome to another #BlogapieGamer, a gaming blog series that chronicles a behind-the-scenes look at my creative career.

#BlogapieGamer | Check Out My Video Game Passion Project

Today, I want to show you a my video game passion project I started in 2012.

Under my author pen name, The Jason Jack, I began writing You Know You’re A Gamer When . . . five years ago with the concept coming to me in the latter part of the 2000s. It is a comedic, reverent, and nostalgia driven book I had great pride and joy in writing.

It took many years to create due to life events along with myself over complicating the project. Then, I told myself to just finish it already and get it out in the world. The self talk worked.

And I’m proud of the finished project although it took a decent amount of work. Since I have always been primarily a Nintendo gamer (85% Nintendo; 10% Steam; 5% PlayStation at the current moment), I had to make sure I made the book as widely appealing as possible and I think I did just that, thanks to having owned a PS 1, 2, 3, and Vita TV as well as a couple Xbox 360s. So there are references that all gamers can relate to and enjoy.

Perhaps when I get the time, I will write a sequel. And hopefully take less than five years to produce it.

Here is a copy of my blog about the book’s release:






You Know You’re A Gamer When . . . 

Gamers come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing that we all have in common is our love of gaming. Recognize yourself in the pages of You Know You’re A Gamer When . . ., a tome of over 200 direct, relatable, odd ball, and often comedic statements about being a gamer.

You know you’re a gamer when

. . . During a boring conversation, you hope a “skip cut scene” button will appear next to you. 
. . . You own more games than you can possibly play in a lifetime, let alone beat. 
. . . You have fallen asleep with a controller in your hand. 

Enjoy hundreds of fun, often relatable, gamer qualities in the pages of You Know You’re a Gamer When . . ., today!

Purchase the physical book through Amazon and get the digital Kindle edition at a reduced price!

Also available on digital store fronts such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook, and more.

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Thanks for reading and taking a look behind the scenes with me. See you next time!

–Walapie Gamer

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